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Casa Grande, Tucson, Sierra Vista

Our Ride Like- a-Pro Class is focused on teaching the average rider the three Motor Officer techniques the cops have been trained in for more than 60 years. This course is based on low-speed motorcycle handling techniques. The average speed on the course is approximately 10-12 mph. The reason low-speed motorcycle training is essential is driving below 20 mph, there is no gyroscopic effect, and gravity tends to pull the motorcycle to the ground. Learning the three Motor Officer techniques prevents this from happening. Because most motorcycle crashes occur on the street below 20 mph, low-speed handling is of the utmost importance. Our course will have your confidence and skills improving 100% before my four-hour class is complete. Register and reserve your spot for only $50! The total cost of the course is $150.00.

Starting in May, the start time at all training locations will be 6:30 AM, so we can finish up before it gets too hot. Our course is offered at three locations in Arizona, Cochise College 901 Columbo Ave, Sierra Vista, AZ. and in Tucson at the Marana Middle School 11279 W Grier Rd, Marana, AZ 85653, and in Casa Grande at the Pinal County Fairgrounds 512 S Eleven Mile Corner, Casa Grande. AZ. 85194. My classes are for experienced riders wanting to enhance their motorcycle skills.
Note: Due to scheduling limitations, classes previously held at the Phoenix training site will resume in the fall.

Riders must have their motorcycle license and have at least 3,000 miles under their belt before taking this class.

You can sign up by clicking on your preferred date or call (520) 240-6976 to reserve your spot in class with a $50.00 non-refundable deposit. If you sign up for the course with your deposit and do not show up, you will lose your deposit. Many riders are waiting to take this class. Private lessons and group rates are also available. Call or email for a quote.

All riders bring their bike. If the weather for a specific class date looks to be a washout due to heavy rains, all riders will be contacted the day before that class to reschedule. If you cannot reschedule, you will receive your $50.00 seat deposit back to you. Our class size is a maximum of 6-8 riders per class. We require that all riders wear a helmet, boots over the ankle, eyewear, jeans, long-sleeve riding jacket (preferable) or shirt, and gloves. No flip-flops or tennis shoes allowed. No tank tops allowed. Common sense is what we ask of all riders regarding their riding apparel.

This is the same course taught by Jerry “Motorman” Palladino. In our rider course, you’ll get all the tips, tricks, and techniques you’ll need to master that course and bring your skills to a whole new level. All riders bring their motorcycle to classes.

Police Motor Officers are the top 2% of riders in America. They can handle 800 lb. Motorcycles with the ease of a child’s toy. What do Police Motor Officers know about riding that you don’t? Simply put, these officers know three techniques. Just three. These techniques allow anyone regardless of their size or strength to handle even the biggest, most massive motorcycle with ease and confidence.

Our instructor, Rich Dvorak, has completed Law Enforcement Motorcycle Training certified through Northwest Motorcycle School along completing with Lock and Lean 101 training.

Learn three simple techniques that motor cops use quickly and easily in just a few hours. Never fear making a U turn or dropping your motorcycle again.

Ride Like A Pro AZ

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