Our Ride like a Pro – Casa Grande

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4 reviews for Our Ride like a Pro – Casa Grande

  1. Brian (verified owner)

    Wow what a class ! if you want to improve your riding skill then this is an absolute must. It will expose your weakness and what you’ll need to work on, which in turn will give you more confidence and keep you safe out there. There is not another class like this available in Arizona unless you want travel out of the state And certainly not for this price point. By taking a class like this has help me improve my motorcycle skills and my confidence. It was really cool seeing some of my classmate able to do things with there motorcycles that they couldn’t do before it’s crazy out there so it nice to know You these additional riding skills! Thx Richard
    P.s. I’m going to take this class again!!

  2. Robert McFadden (verified owner)

    Great class for either returning riders, or seasoned riders. The basic explanations are well done such as friction zones, rear brake interaction with clutch, and use of head and vision. Learning the actual set ups for figure eights, full circles, parking lot manuevers, etc was well-taught. Pay close attention to the stopped/right turn start up, as it is very good. This class is a must no matter how good you are.

  3. Corntell Neal (verified owner)

    I had a blast and enjoyed learning new techniques. We had a small 3 rider class, that made it extra unique. Thanks to Brian the Instructor he was very easy to work with. I’m super comfortable on my bike, and after completing this course… I can perform any technique at anytime. I’m truly the boss of my bike!!!

  4. Corntell Neal (verified owner)

    This class is wonderful and you’ll truly love it! We had a small 3 rider class that made it more unique. I can perform any technique I learned at any time. I’m truly the boss of my bike. Will be taking this class yearly!! Do yourself a favor and sign up so you can Ride Like A Pro!!!

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