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*Classes for Tucson are temporarily unavailable.

This class is focused on teaching the average rider the three Motor Officer techniques the police have been trained in for more than 60 years.This course is based on low speed motorcycle handling techniques. The average speed on the course is approximately 10-12 mph.The reason low speed motorcycle training is important is driving below 20 mph, there is no gyroscopic effect and gravity tends to pull the motorcycle to the ground. The $65 deposit holds your spot, the balance of the payment is due the day of class (cash or check). Class is from 6:30am – 10:30am during the hot summer months.

4 reviews for Our Ride like a Pro – Tucson

  1. George Peace

    “Exceptional, well planned and executed course, but not for the beginner! Regardless your experience level or years riding, you will come away from this course a smarter, more confident rider. The course begins with a good discussion on some of the most prevalent myths about motorcycle safety, the principles of a motorcycle’s low speed physics, and an introduction to the exercises. The course stresses low speed maneuverability below 20 mph, focusing on setting up and completing tight turns while managing throttle, brake, speed, and balance. The instructor is experienced and knowledgeable, and clearly articulates principles and points out suggestions as you complete the course exercises. I strongly recommend this challenging course for all experienced riders, whether looking to progress into “show” groups or everyday travel on today’s streets.”

  2. Bill (verified owner)

    Be prepared to be challenged! Be prepared to get frustrated with yourself at times, Be prepared to have FUN and learn. I rode my Harley Road Glide Ultra, I recommend you take the course on the bike you WILL be riding on the street.
    The instructor Rich is experienced and patient as “Job”, I highly recommend this class.

  3. Tod Howarth

    A tremendous insight to skills from a man who knows and lives of what he speaks.
    Rich exhibited the street riding prowess that was invaluable to ‘newbies’ like me, a former teenage motocross wild man, then touring/recording artist for 40 years THEN Harley rider for the last 11 years! So now at almost 64 I’ve learned technics that I’m sure will keep me upright, focused and riding until I resign myself to the full time Aston Martin. Thank you Rich, GREAT job, keep it going – you teach what you love and you teach it well.

  4. Steve Bell

    I highly recommend this course Rich is a great coach…This is a great class that Rich teaches…Every rider that was there that day came away with undeniable improvement…Rich is a great coach and the techniques demonstrated will both solve your problems and boost your confidence…
    It is a wonderful thing to not have to worry about dropping your bike or being able to make a U turn or maneuver around a parking lot ….I can now confidently and consistently make a U turn…Both left and right turns.. without stopping on any two lane road and for practice when out riding….When there is no traffic …I will practice U turns and figure eights on the two lane road…
    You will not be disappointed in his course!

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